The Reboot Option

How to have your Cowboy Boots made into a Custom Pony Purse or Leather Wallet

Do you have a much-loved pair of cowboy boots languishing in a closet? If they are in good shape, ship them to me and I can make a beautiful purse for you at a discounted price. I will create a custom designed (non-refundable) pony purse based on your preferences.

How does this work?

  1. Fill out this reboot option form to get started.
  2. Email me ( with a picture of the boots and a description of what you are looking for.
  3. Once it has been determined what colors that you prefer, we will select from a rainbow full of leather colors that I have collected. I can show you many options for color, shade, and hue to choose from.
  4. You can choose what type of purse handle, purse closure, trim, or special decorations that you would like.
  5. Options include a personal message sewn into the pony purse, perhaps a special message to the person who will receive the purse as a gift.

Along every step of the way I will communicate with you and send pictures with different options.

Examples of The Reboot Option

A Perfect Christmas Gift with a Custom Inscription
I created a custom pony purse for a gentleman who gave it to his wife as a Christmas gift. Inside was an inscription, “love of my life”.

Memorial Mementos to Remember a Father and Grandfather

A lady whose father passed away contacted me and she wanted his cowboy boots to be made into purses. This was an excellent memento of her father that she can use every day.

I made a big pony purse for her, a smaller pony purse for her daughter, and a wallet for her teenage son. It was really cool because the boots were snakeskin and I used the snakeskin in the wallet. He ♥’d it!

$185 w/ FREE Shipping – Single Pony Purse (Made from 1 Cowboy Boot)
$295 w/ FREE Shipping – Double Pony Purse (Made from 2 Cowboy Boots)
$85 w/ FREE Shipping – Leather Wallet

Fill out this reboot option form to get started.